Sharon Geddes

Ted has been the realtor of choice for my family since 2014 which includes 3 sales and 4 purchases. I recommend Ted for both his real estate knowledge and his great sense of humour!

Geoffrey J Hay

One summer, I noticed a very well written Realestate Flyer in the mail - explaining essential points a seller needed to know in the Calgary Realestate market, and on the flip side was an explanation of the related points a buyer needed to be aware of. At the time I was not interested to sell my home, or purchase a new property - but as a University Professor, I could easily recognise that this document was so well done, I decided to keep it. 1yr latter, my wife passed away and I needed to sell our home and garden that my wife and I had built together, and raised our family in. Ted was amazing. He was knowledgeable, courteous, straight-shooting, and sensitive to my needs. His team helped with staging and photographs, and listened to me as I described our beautiful home. He did his market research and we discussed pricing. Again, he listened to my concerns finally settling on a price $100K greater than anything else in the hood - with a strategy to quickly change prices if we could not sell. Our first open house was set, and several folks expressed serious interest, with an offer made that day. By that evening, we had closed on a price $95K higher than the next recorded price. Now a couple of years latter, I am riding shot-gun with Ted as we go out looking for new properties to call home. His market and building knowledge have saved me from making poor choices, as well as saved me time - as he is able to quickly move me through homes when he detects problems. He calls it as he see's it, and is working for my best interest. This review is an indication of my trust in Ted and his team, and my commitment to him on my next purchase. Thank you Ted. Dr Geoff Hay.

Aaron Cunningham

It was a real pleasure to work with Ted as he sold our house. His straightforward, level headed approach made it easy to understand his plan and his guidance was first class. He was patient with us as it had been many years since we had sold a house. He kept us informed and up dated all along the way. He has my recommendation for sure!

Luc Mageau

Used Ted to sell my house, which went extremely well, quick and easy. Now I'm using him to buy - I love how honest he is with me and helps me come up with ways to overcome obstacles (and foresee any that we can avoid).

Peter Nowak

I was looking to buy my next home, when friend suggested that I contact Mr. Greenhough. This proved to be excellent decision, Ted was patient through my selection process, but was very professional, knowledgeable, fast and punctual at the time of making offer and closing the deal. His team provided excellent and timely support with paperwork, preparation of documents etc. I would recommend him to anybody as a excellent Real Estate agent with deep knowledge of market.

Tanna Sinclair

If you are looking for someone who KNOWS the industry and is VERY professional..........Ted's your guy!!! He knows the market and has the proof to back it up. He's a GREAT listener and knows what he is doing! I would 100% recommend using TED when selling or buying a house!

Alvin Ho

Ted was a great Realtor for us. He was never pushy and gave us insight into a home that we had never considered. He was willing to out of his way to show us a home on the drop of a dime, which helped us find the place we're living at today. Super friendly and above all, honest.

Celeste Herbert

We've worked with Ted three times: once to buy a home and twice to sell one. His insight and deep understanding of the Calgary market was invaluable in helping us decide when to buy, when to sell, how to price and much more. His team makes the process seamless and you feel guided and informed throughout the process. Amazing to work with!

Allan Deruelle

Ted is a real professional who truly understands his business. We have known Ted for about 12 years now and have had the pleasure of having him work for us on 5 different transactions with the most recent being in 2017. Teds service and team are second to none, you can certainly tell that he puts his clients best interests ahead of all else. I would recommend Ted Greenhough to anyone looking for someone to represent them to ensure the deal is done right from the simplest to the most complicated purchase or sale. Thanks Ted!

Harold & Maria D.

Our search for a suitable villa was lengthy and time consuming as we very specific on the type of property we wanted. Ted was very patient and accommodating throughout the process. His professional opinions were very valuable and helped ensure that our ultimate choice was the correct one! We would not hesitate to use his services again.