I know first hand why Ted is one of the top ranked realtors in Canada. My husband and I have moved many times in our career and until I watched Ted sell our home, I never really noticed how much service I was NOT getting from other realtors. Our house sold incredibly quickly due to proper home preparation both on our part and on Ted’s.

As well as being truly educated in his field, Ted is perceptive, articulate, polite, informed and motivated, qualities so important in a realtor. Ted quickly put me at ease when I was concerned about anything and without reservation, he stepped in as my surrogate representative when I was unable to attend an extra meeting with the buyers at our home. Our texts were answered immediately and our calls returned promptly. As a result, we felt we were getting his FULL attention and that the sale of our house sale was a priority.

We also experienced the benefits of his support team, whose skills he has thoroughly evaluated.  The speediness of our house sale was a aided by incredible professional photographs and house staging, all included in Ted’s service.  Considering all realtors basically cost sellers the same amount of money, we found that in terms of value, we received “more for our money” from Ted.

Leona and Dave