We recently sold a home using Ted Greenhough as our realtor. Before choosing Ted, we met with a total of five real estate agents. Each agent we met with brought a different set of skills to the table. However, Ted’s preparation for our initial meeting combined with his professionalism led us to choose him over the other realtors. He did not try to “wow” us, but discussed every aspect with a common sense “let’s get this done right” approach. He recognized the emotional and financial significance of selling this home and strove to respect both components while providing us with honest, unbiased advice.

Ted’s professionalism did not just start and end with him or the initial interview, but it continued throughout the entire process. Each member of his team (starting with his skilled photographer and home stager, provided at no charge to us) showed Ted’s same commitment to doing their very best for us as their client. We were delighted that at each new point in the house sale process, Ted’s team provided information before we needed it, searched for resources to make things easier for us, and followed through with important (yet easy to overlook) details on our behalf. Every detail was handled in a timely way with uncompromising attention to detail and a desire to make the process as smooth as possible.

Working with Ted and his team allowed us to enjoy a level of customer service that one rarely experiences. However, choosing Ted as our agent was also financially the wisest choice that we could have made. With the benefit of Ted’s recommendations, we were able to list our home for $50,000 more than three of the four other real estate agents recommended and we were able to sell it for 99% of list price within 36 hours. We firmly believe that the reason for this positive outcome was the use of professional quality property staging, photography, and advertising materials on the part of Ted’s team.

We were impressed with the personal integrity, experience, and skill that Ted displayed from the initial interview on and we were grateful for the opportunity to enjoy exceptional customer service. Ted and his team have “set the bar” for what good customer service really means.