One summer, I noticed a very well written Realestate Flyer in the mail – explaining essential points a seller needed to know in the Calgary Realestate market, and on the flip side was an explanation of the related points a buyer needed to be aware of. At the time I was not interested to sell my home, or purchase a new property – but as a University Professor, I could easily recognise that this document was so well done, I decided to keep it. 1yr latter, my wife passed away and I needed to sell our home and garden that my wife and I had built together, and raised our family in. Ted was amazing. He was knowledgeable, courteous, straight-shooting, and sensitive to my needs. His team helped with staging and photographs, and listened to me as I described our beautiful home. He did his market research and we discussed pricing. Again, he listened to my concerns finally settling on a price $100K greater than anything else in the hood – with a strategy to quickly change prices if we could not sell. Our first open house was set, and several folks expressed serious interest, with an offer made that day. By that evening, we had closed on a price $95K higher than the next recorded price. Now a couple of years latter, I am riding shot-gun with Ted as we go out looking for new properties to call home. His market and building knowledge have saved me from making poor choices, as well as saved me time – as he is able to quickly move me through homes when he detects problems. He calls it as he see’s it, and is working for my best interest. This review is an indication of my trust in Ted and his team, and my commitment to him on my next purchase. Thank you Ted. Dr Geoff Hay.