We’ve known Ted for over 5 years now. He helped us both to sell and purchase a house and is knowledgeable on both sides of the transaction. We chose to work with Ted because he brought extras, help with staging and professional photography both of which are critical to selling a house. When purchasing he really understood the market in the neighbourhood we were looking at, proximity to schools, the benefits and detractors of the surrounding area, quadrant of the city, etc. He was also able to determine if the house was reasonably priced or if it was out of line given the condition of the house and the comparable houses sold in the area. The most impressive thing about Ted is that you never feel rushed, unless you dally a little too long then he gently prods you as he does have to give the house back to the current owners. When we were looking for a house it seemed to us that we were Ted’s only clients, I know we weren’t, but it did seem that way to us as we spent several hours a day over a two week period looking at a myriad of houses. That last part is what we really appreciate about Ted, he focuses on you, his client.