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Ted’s Monthly Rant – September 2021

Where the Heck Has Ted Been?

Hey, everyone! It’s been a long time since I wrote the Monthly Rant!

I haven’t actually gone anywhere. In fact, I’m more connected to the Real Estate business than ever with my new company – Agent Skills – an online training platform for REALTORS® across North America. 

It’s been a long process getting this program off the ground, and I’ve learned so much by doing it. I’ll tell you one thing: If you ever want to become a true expert at something – anything! – figure out how to teach it to someone else.

My focus with Agent Skills is simple: Teach high-integrity agents the skills they need to succeed. It’s one thing to have the desire to be a great agent. It’s another to actually deliver superior results and outstanding customer service.

The long process of “learning to teach” has made me a better agent, and I’m excited to announce that I’m back working “almost” full-time as an active REALTOR®!

By “almost,” I mean I’m not actively advertising my services, so most of my business will be from past clients and referrals from past clients. This is partly because I’m still running Agent Skills and partly because I don’t want to get overwhelmed with too much business. Delivering the best possible customer service is still my primary goal.

Enough about me! Time for a Rant!

The #1 Complaint in Real Estate – LACK OF COMMUNICATION

“He convinced us to list with him, walked out the door with the signed contract, and that was the last we heard from him until two weeks before the listing expired. Then he called to pressure us to reduce the price and extend the contract.”

Here is my simple, two-part solution to ensure my listing clients NEVER feel this way about me!

Part 1. The Market Watch System

If you’ve ever been on the buying side working with a REALTOR®, chances are they set you up on some kind of auto-notification system to alert you on new listings and price adjustments.

I set up my listing clients with the same system to be notified about new listings (potential competitors), price adjustments, conditional sales, and firm sales (including the sale price). As soon as there is any activity, my listing clients receive these notifications instantly to keep them thoroughly informed about whatever is happening in their market segment, within a preset price range, geographical area, etc.

Part 2. The Weekly Client Report

EVERY Monday morning, I send a detailed email report to each of my listing clients, explaining my take on exactly what has occurred over the previous week.

You’ve already received the information (automatically), but this is my expert commentary on exactly what each event actually means to you.

This serves two important purposes:

1. It keeps you fully informed and involved in the process. I believe it’s imperative for you to know exactly what is happening with your competitors—not just your own listing!

2. It keeps me fully informed, too! Knowing that I’ve committed to reporting to you every week means I need to be fully conscious of exactly what is going on in your market segment at all times. This allows me to give you the best advice I can, on an ongoing basis, whatever that advice might be!

The above is just one example of numerous new systems I’ve implemented recently to ensure that my clients get the best possible advice and service.

As mentioned, teaching others has made me a much better agent, too. It’s like Ted 2.0!

I’d love to hear how you’re doing. Please take the time to send me a quick note, and let me know. Thank you!