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Ted’s Monthly Rant – October 2021

Blowing Up the Mega Agent’s Marketing Claims

There’s a mega-agent in every market. But I believe the public is far better served by an experienced and skilled individual agent, partnership, or small customer-service-focused team. 

Here is the truth behind some of the Mega Agents marketing claims:

#1 – We spend gazillions on marketing your home!

NO they don’t. They spend gazillions all right—marketing themselves—not that there’s anything wrong with that. 

The money is spent with one purpose in mind; to promote the team and generate leads for the junior agent to follow up with, hoping to convert those leads into clients.

This contributes nothing to getting your home sold.

#2 – We have thousands of buyers!

NO they don’t. What they do have is thousands of “leads”—the contact information for every person who has ever visited their website or called them about anything. Some of them are years old, and they still keep chasing after them.

Even if they do have a buyer for your home, which is highly unlikely, there is no advantage whatsoever to having both the seller and buyer represented by the same team. In fact, there are several reasons why this could prove to be a considerable disadvantage.

The truth is that most of the agents working for the Mega-Agent are inexperienced and poorly trained. I cringe every time one of them brings an offer on one of my listings. 

Luckily it hardly ever happens because they’re just not as prevalent as they would like you to believe.

#3 – We sold five gazillion houses last year!

Well, maybe not five gazillion, but whatever the number, it’s probably impressive. If it was only one person, I mean. But once you divide that big number amongst the HUGE number of agents on the team, it’s not very impressive at all.  

#4 – We guarantee we will sell your home, or we’ll buy it!

This one makes me angry, and most people can sense this is not on the up-and-up, even if they don’t know the details, as per below:

First, your home has to “qualify” for the program. This means it has to be a specific type and size within a certain price range and location. Chances are, your home doesn’t fit within the ridiculously narrow range to qualify for the program in the first place. And if it does…

You have to accept a guaranteed sale price that is so ridiculously low, no seller in their right mind would ever agree.

It’s basically a bait-and-switch. Just as you expected, right?

#5 – We’re going to work directly with the #1 agent in our market area!

NO you’re not. Not only will you NEVER deal directly with the Mega-Team leader, but it’s extremely unlikely you will ever even speak with him. In fact, he likely will have no idea about a single detail on your listing. That’s not his job! His job is to market the team and generate leads. 

That means you’ll be dealing with one of those inexperienced, poorly trained “junior” agents, whose only expertise is reciting scripts designed to convince you to list with them. 

And there you have it. The cold hard truth they don’t want you to know.