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Ted’s Monthly Rant – December 2021

ZOOMING with Ted

Note: This article is about video conferencing – NOT magic mushrooms! 🍄 😵‍💫


Less than two years ago, I had never heard of Zoom. Then COVID hit us, and now I use it all the time! 

My favourite feature? The ‘share screen’ button. It’s particularly useful for making presentations to large groups, which I do regularly with my other business – Agent Skills.

I’ve also discovered that Zoom is a great way to do a Real Estate listing presentation. All I need is a quick trip to the property (usually 10 minutes max) to take some notes (fully masked, of course). Then I come back to my home office, do my research, and make the presentation over Zoom as soon as the next day.

It works great for these reasons:

1. We still get to see each other and chat as much as you like, as if I were there;

2. I can jump around on my screen and show all the details you want to see.

3. You can see everything I’m seeing without my giant head in the way!

(Honestly, item #3 is the biggest benefit of Zoom for me since it’s sometimes difficult to share a screen with detailed information with three or more people.)

I’ll add two more features to the list:

4. If there are two or more people with interest in the property, and one or more is away (for whatever reason), we can still all get together!


5. If you wanted to introduce me to a friend, a Zoom meeting might be a less intimidating way for them to get to know me. That way, if I turn into a Salesy Slickseter and start pressuring them, there’s always the ‘End Meeting’ button! 

See ya, Ted! 🤣

(If you know me, then you already know I’m the polar opposite of Salesy Slickster!)

By the way, if all you want is a ball-park price, I can do that without even necessarily visiting your home. Instead, I can simply ask a few questions over the phone and then you could show me around while we’re Zooming!

Or, I can do a full-blown presentation including:

1. A Comprehensive Market Overview – How current market conditions may affect your listing strategy.

2. Pricing Strategy – How to get the highest possible price in the shortest possible time.

3. Comparative Market Analysis – How we determine the correct list price based on recent comparable sold listings.

4. Pre-listing Preparation – What steps can you take before you list to maximize the sale price?

5. Marketing – My exact strategy on how to generate the most high-quality showings.

6. Communication Plan – How I keep my clients thoroughly informed throughout the process.

We don’t necessarily have to go through all these topics. It just depends on how much detail you want. For example, if you’re just interested in a ball-park list price for now, we can concentrate on the CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) and look at all the other stuff at a later date.

If you’re thinking of listing at any time in the future, let me know, and I’ll set up a Zoom call! Even if you’ve never done one before, you’ll be surprised how easy it is, and of course, there is zero obligation for this service. I’m always happy to help!

With Real Estate stuff, I mean! If you’re looking for zoomers, I can’t help…

Have a wonderful Christmas season, and I’ll see you in your inbox in the New Year!