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The Small-Box Real Estate Team

I’m classified as an “individual” agent as opposed to a team leader. This is a technical classification since, in reality, I’ve assembled an incredible group of dedicated individuals, all working together to deliver exceptional results. These include Angela, one of the most talented stagers and photographers in the business, and Erin and Jamie, who are simply unbeatable at keeping me organized. They never forget a single detail, taking meticulous care of our clients throughout every real estate transaction.

I’ve also brought together an unbeatable team of inspectors, lawyers, mortgage brokers, and other professionals, including Dave, my backup agent if I’m ever away. I chose him precisely because he’s got the same integrity, knowledge and skills that I strive to bring to my clients.

So, am I a team leader? Yes, of course. But I would never be the leader of a Big-Box Team. 😠

I call them Big-Box Teams because they remind me of Big-Box Stores, like Walmart. Can you buy patio furniture at Walmart? Yes. Will it be the highest quality? Certainly not.

Let’s get something straight. Your team isn’t better than mine because you have a hundred players, and I have five. You may score more goals overall, but your players also trip over their skates and miss the net FAR more than my five highly skilled players. 

I dislike the Big-Box team concept mainly because I know these teams do not serve the public’s best interest. I know it first-hand because almost every time I have a Big-Box team member on the opposite side of a transaction, I’m appalled by their lack of training and basic skills. Many can barely stand up on their skates, let alone stickhandle around a complex real estate problem. 

When I talk about a lack of training, I refer to the important customer-centric stuff. You know, like how to do a superb job for your client. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?

News flash: Becoming a great agent is not about learning canned scripts and chasing crappy leads. Robots can do that.

Most of these rosy-faced Big-Box newbies start out with the best intentions, but they get sucked in by the ultra-slick Big-Box recruiting pitch. Then they make the sad mistake of signing a contract with the team leader without reading all the fine print. 

Eventually, most of them realize they’ve been duped, but unfortunately, many leave the industry forever, utterly disillusioned about what it takes to make it in the real estate business. I feel heartfelt sorrow for them. Most are good people who have simply been led astray. 💔

So yes, I loathe the Big-Box Team concept for many reasons. But that certainly doesn’t mean I’m against all teams! 

What is a team, after all? A team should be a close-knit group, all working together towards the same common goal. Hopefully, in real estate, that goal is to consistently deliver exceptional results to every client.

Over the years, I’ve encountered many outstanding Small-Box Teams with genuine client-focused values that are integral to the hiring process.

That’s the critical difference between a good team and a bad team. As in any business, you can trace the group’s culture directly to the leader. What exactly are their core values?

Is it all about “signing up” as many recruits as possible and collecting a (significant) portion of their commissions? These are the Big-Box Team Leader Wannabes. They’re the worst.

Or is it about seeking out the right people who already possess the burning desire to deliver an exceptional experience to each and every client? 

And, after carefully choosing the right people, does the leader have refined systems to provide true mentorship, training, and support, thereby maximizing each team member’s potential?

Now, that’s a winning team! 😀

I’m incredibly proud of the team I’ve assembled and their dedication to delivering exceptional results. Thanks, team!