Get top dollar for your home with these 8 strategies!

8 Top-Tier White-Glove REALTOR® Strategies

Below is a very brief synopsis, but you really need to see the booklet to fully appreciate how each strategy works in conjunction with all the others.

Strategy 1 – Free Professional Home Staging Consultation

Explains why I offer this free service from Angela (Certified Staging Professional) on every listing and why it’s free.

Strategy 2 – Magazine-Quality Photography

How my team works together to acquire and assemble the very best possible grouping of images, and why this is so critical to the overall process.

Strategy 3 – Superior MLS Presentation

Explains precisely why having a compelling MLS presentation is BY FAR the most essential component in the marketing of your property.

Strategy 4 – Superb-Quality Brochure

I’ve recently upped my game on my property brochures. Find out why this can be such an important tool for potential buyers.

Strategy 5 – In-Depth Market Knowledge

Includes up-to-date stats (for detached homes) and how this knowledge can help you with pricing and timing.

Strategy 6 – Steady, Reliable, Intelligent Communication

How I’m able to ensure my clients are always up-to-date, not only on their own listing but on every competing listings, as well!

Strategy 7 – Super-Advanced Negotiation Skills

It’s not called “the subtle art” for nothing. This is one of my greatest strengths as a professional REALTOR®, but also one of the most complex skills to explain.

Strategy 8 – My Personal Guarantee

“Seller may terminate this contract at any time for any reason with no further obligation.” No conditions. No hold-back for expenses. Just a good old-fashioned no-BS guarantee.

It’s difficult to explain all these strategies in a few words, but as I said, I’d love to send you a copy of the booklet, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Even if you don’t want a copy of the booklet right now, please let me know how you’re doing! I’d love to hear from you.