Get top dollar for your home with these 8 strategies!

10 Key Elements of the Perfect Listing Process

Let’s say you’re considering selling your home. And you happen to know a very experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable agent who is also hopelessly honest and always has your best interests at heart.

Here’s how the process should go to achieve the best possible result:

1. You call your trusted agent sooner, rather than later, even if you’re months away from listing and even if you’re not sure you’re going to list! After all, gathering as much information as possible is vital to making an intelligent decision. Right?

2. Further to the above, you don’t allow your preconceived notions to make decisions without discussing them with your agent first. For example, many people think that now (July) is the best time to list their home because their yard is showing its absolute best. However, this positive factor may be more than offset by the fact that you’ve already missed out on the majority of buyers who bought during the busy spring market. 

There are hundreds of factors to consider, and your experienced and skilled agent will give you the best possible advice about timing and numerous other considerations.

3. When you meet with your agent, he walks you through the entire listing process, including a thorough overview of the market conditions, pricing psychology, things you can do to maximize value before you list, a thorough overview of the marketing plan, how he will communicate with you throughout the process, and things to consider when negotiating the best possible price and terms.

4. When determining the best list price, your agent shows you ALL the relevant data on recent comparable sales (not just the sold listings they want you to see). This process gives you a complete view of the big picture and helps to arrive at a competitive list price—not too low and not too high.

5. You meet with the best Certified Staging Professional in Calgary (Angela), and she provides a brilliant and comprehensive list of things you can do to maximize the impact of your listing. You love the results so much you’re beginning to change your mind about moving! (This hasn’t actually happened to me yet, but it’s been a close call several times.)

6. The best real estate photographer in Calgary (also Angela) produces a fantastic array of stunning images that show off the best features of your property in the best possible light. 

7. Your agent works with his team to produce the most powerful and compelling MLS presentation possible, making it stand out from the crowd of competitors that look so very ordinary in comparison.

8. Before listing, your agent works the phones and social media channels to alert other agents about your upcoming new listing. This helps to build anticipation with the ultimate goal of creating a frenzy of activity from the first moment the property is listed.

9. It’s listing day, and your agent pulls the trigger. Sure enough, there’s a flurry of activity as agents scramble to be able to show your home to their prospective buyers.

10. Within a day or two, you’ve got two or more offers on the property, and your agent shows you exactly how to leverage whatever you have on the table to achieve the highest possible price and the terms that work best for you in your unique situation.

These ten points are just part of the overall process. And I’m not saying that the results are perfect every single time. After all, some circumstances are out of anyone’s control. But, what I can honestly say occurs EVERY SINGLE TIME with every listing—big or small—is this:

I carefully study every unique situation. Then, utilizing 100% of my experience, knowledge, and skills, I formulate the best possible strategy to maximize the chances of achieving the best possible result for EVERY SINGLE CLIENT. No exceptions.

If you want that level of commitment, please give me a call any time.