My Favourite Spring Market Story

Happy New Year! It looks like we’re in for an INSANE spring market, so to start out the year, here’s my favourite spring market story! It was fifteen years ago in 2006, but unless something dramatically changes (which is entirely possible in this crazy world), the market conditions are remarkably similar right now.  My clients […]

Ted’s Monthly Rant – December 2021

ZOOMING with Ted Note: This article is about video conferencing – NOT magic mushrooms! 🍄 😵‍💫 😂😂😂 Less than two years ago, I had never heard of Zoom. Then COVID hit us, and now I use it all the time!  My favourite feature? The ‘share screen’ button. It’s particularly useful for making presentations to large […]

Ted’s Monthly Rant – November 2021

How Overpriced Listings Can Lead To Bad Decisions Whenever I plan to meet with prospective listing clients, I always send them a list of the last ten SOLD comparables within a specific search criteria (price range, size, geographical area, etc.) Why? Because I want my clients to have ample time to review every detail on […]

Ted’s Monthly Rant – October 2021

Blowing Up the Mega Agent’s Marketing Claims There’s a mega-agent in every market. But I believe the public is far better served by an experienced and skilled individual agent, partnership, or small customer-service-focused team.  Here is the truth behind some of the Mega Agents marketing claims: #1 – We spend gazillions on marketing your home! […]

Ted’s Monthly Rant – September 2021

Where the Heck Has Ted Been? Hey, everyone! It’s been a long time since I wrote the Monthly Rant! I haven’t actually gone anywhere. In fact, I’m more connected to the Real Estate business than ever with my new company – Agent Skills – an online training platform for REALTORS® across North America.  It’s been […]